Adventure: Shadow Legends

Adventure: Shadow Legends

By : Arizona Studio

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    Aug 03, 2020
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Adventure: Shadow Legends is one of the most actionable and mysterious game that was developed by Guerrilla Games, and that can be played only in Play Station 4. This is a fighting role-playing game with a third-person.

1:Adventure: Shadow Legends a mysterious experience that combines superb graphics, innovative gameplay. It is a challenging and mission game.

2: This is the story of 31 century, in a universe wherever people live in dispersed tribal-like populations with restricted entrance to technology. And their robotic monsters control the earth. The main character of the game is Aloy, a hunter who attempts into a post-apocalyptic state controlled by robotic monsters. And the player plays the role of Aloy. Aloy can kill opponents with a variant of methods. She can kill enemies with traps such as tripwires using the Tripcaster, spear, shooting arrows, and also using explosives. Aloy can scans machines to define their sensitivities, level, and the essence of loot they will leave.

3: A phenomenon named "Derangement" is the reason why machines are too threatening towards humans, and more spacious and more destructive machines have caused to emerge.

4: The establishment of conflict in Adventure: Shadow Legends is created upon the momentum and intrigue of Aloy versus the raw power and intensity of the robots.

5:Aloy doesn't know who is she, where she comes from and she always searching for her outcast and her identity and she pushed for her answers. "Her whole life she's been searching, and the elders, they've been holding her back." Once Aloy has defined her mission and she wants to fight with darkness to bring the light. A refugee from her society, the raw warrior strives to reveal her identity, determine her fortune, and obstruct a threat from the machines.

6: The map is comprised of the jungle, forest, wastelands, and dazzling hill areas. The hilly territory is crossed beside the awarding of parkour and assisted by the aid of zip-lines.

7: Contestant hunts require Aloy performing tasks, like collecting substances, becoming to the aide of selves in threat of being ruined,resolving mysteries, considering command of bandit campfire.

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