PayPal Here: Point of Sale

PayPal Here: Point of Sale

By : PayPal Mobile

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Receive money onto your own Android™ devices with your completely free program and also a card reader that is ideal for the company. Accept debit and credit cards, send bills, track cash and check payments. It has only 2.7 percent each US card swipe processor or contactless trade. No permanent contracts, obligations or yearly fees.

Why PayPal Here?

- more options, more business: gives your visitors the flexibility to cover how they need.
- all-in-one: Pay Pal Here™ is a portion of the reliable suite of company Payment options, assisting you to manage all of your inperson, on the web and Mobile payments via one account.
- Assist whenever you want it You also can contact us directly from the program, by phone in 877-569-1136 or simply by seeing

Totally Secure Payments

PayPal here utilizes a encrypted card reader, then backed by our BestinClass risk management and fraud protection. All payments move straight to your accounts to get secure, dependable, and effortless payment processing.

Quick Payments

Payments processed by PayPal listed here are moved into a own account usually in moments. With all the PayPal bank card, you also could get your funds at thousands of ATM's nationwide, and get 1% cashback on most eligible bank card purchases.

Start Getting Paid:

  1. Download the app
  2. Sign up for PayPal Here
  3. Choose the card reader that’s right for your business

PayPal Mobile Card Reader

- Accepts magnetic stripe cards
- Connects with your phone or tablet audio jack

PayPal Chip Card Reader

- Accepts chip cards, NFC payments like Android Pay™ and magnetic swipe cards
- Reduce liability for certain types of fraud
- Connects via Bluetooth


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