Ebooc - Mobile Loyalty App

Ebooc - Mobile Loyalty App

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Ebooc is based on blockchain technology having single platform for consumers loyalty program. The tag line of Ebooc is "Digital payments... Made easy".

Ebooc mobile loyalty apps are compatible on both Android and IOS. This great app provide services for customers so that they can download and install loyalty mobile app on their mobile devices and use at merchants using NFC technology.

Pundi X (developer of blockchain based POS) and Ebooc will work together on creating advanced digital payment services for Dubai goverments, financial institutions, utilities, bills, fees, fines, school fees through POS devices in the gulf and middle east.

By 2021, Smart Dubai will be the 100% paperless, sustainable smart city of the future. 100% digital transactions in Dubai regarding customer services and internal operations. Government of Dubai will not issue or request people for paper documents.

Pros of Ebooc would be

- Lower cost and higher transparency (for merchants, partners)

- Time saving plus fast transfers

- Less chances of fraud

Ebooc will provide great services to consumers

- Loyalty card with NFC technology

- Loyalty mobile apps

- POS solution for merchants on blockchain technology

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