Signal Spy for Android

Signal Spy for Android

By : Novvia

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Signal Spy makes it possible for people to be much informed as it regards their own cellular support & service. It enables you to view sign technology and strength in Real moment. We could even let you know exactly what LTE ring you are employing on Sprint And tmobile therefore that you may know what rates and attributes that you anticipate. Sign Spy additionally retains a record of All Your relations: once you yourself Join and detach out of wi fi, and also exactly what company you are utilizing! Guru Users Are Now Able to Find an record of Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity together With signal location and strength!

Key Features

  • History of connection
  • Info Usage Reviews
  • Get Dialer Codes from panes
  • Allows Pro Ject F-I consumers to manually change between programs together with supplied dialer codes "Okay Google" service for Dialer codes ("Ok Google Start Signal Spy")
  • Android Have on assistance for Dialer Codes

Pro version features

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Detailed  Network History

  • Additional information of network connection history on history cards
  • Detailed view for each history card with additional data

Automatic Dialer Codes

  • Switch between cellular networks (Project Fi users can switch between networks with ease) with root supported direct switching
  • Non-root supported switching (requires Accessibility support)

Advanced Data Usage

  • Monitor data usage and prevent data overages with variable date data usage reports
  • Sortable by name or MB used
  • See data used by carrier

Data Limit

  • Monitor data usage with daily data limits to warn you when you use too much data
  • Ability to limit data usage when you cross a user-defined threshold

Other Tools

  • Android 7.1 App Shortcuts

For project F-I users, customers will probably likewise be in a position to take care of their encounter with easily changing among carriers together with all our dialer signal menus. Our system shifting logging will probably soon be exceedingly helpful to reveal you the way many times you swap among Sprint along with tmobile networks. In addition, we provide a tools page over the program specializing in tools which Pro Ject F-I end users have detected helpful together with their services. Note even though that our program won't routinely switch foryoupersonally, also most switch asks will probably revert later two hrs. This really is actually a ramification of working with the dialer codes and can't be commanded by sign Spy.

“This app uses Accessibility services.”

- Lay Colours for News and Menu for Dim Theme

- Fixed bug with info in telling perhaps not moving off

- Set (a different) bug together with all the standing bar icon maybe not upgrading

- Banner advertisements in your house display with bigger ones

- Additional in-depth "Email Service" alternative