Action Game

Dark Days: Survival Horror APK

It's time for a great fight for life in the world. Many humans are converting into deadly monsters due to dangerous virus which is spreading everywhere.In this game you will locate a major world w

License : Free | Version : 1.0.16

To the Bottom APK

Select your favorite character and go to the elevator and start shooting. You will face your enemies while playing so keep this in mind that you have to maintain the health of your hero so that you ca

License : Free | Version : 1.0.0

Fire Panda APK

Start your journey with Panda Hong to save the kingdom from enemies. Fire Panda for Android is available now and its a great game to kill  your time when you are getting bored. While playing you

License : Free | Version : 0.1

Escape: The Bunker APK

Thriller and horrible game in which you will get only one chance to survive otherwise you will lose tha game. You have to get out of the bunker to stay alive by hook or by crook. Keep one thing in you

License : Free | Version : 1.7

Spirit Roots APK

Spirit Roots adventure game for Android APK file by the developer FredBear Games Ltd. Very good and addictive HD graphics game with HQ quality. This falls under the category of action game and you can

License : Free | Version : 1.0.4

Rage Squad APK

Rage Squad APK file free download for Android is the latest action game developed by The fight sequence in the game is really fast and full of amazing actions. Each fighter is brilliantly set

License : Free | Version : 0.47

Thirteen Souls APK

Download Thirteen Souls game for Android APK by Good co.Ltd - Get ready to explore unique and different worlds by choosing your favorite 1 character out of 4, so take part in fights with various and d

License : Free | Version : 1.0