Snapchat Facts and Stats you didn't know (December 2017)

Nov 29, 2017        Author Name: James Eric

Snapchat Facts and Stats you didn't know (December 2017)

Snapchat has become the most popular mobile application and enjoyed the fast increased ever in the history of digital world. The snapchat was launched in 2011 by the Evan Spiegel along with his other former Stanford Univeristy friends Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. The snapchat app originally named Picaboo, but later changed to Snaphat. The thought for Snapchat is found while they were planning their final job. In one of those interviews, Spiegel said that they neglected on nearly 34 jobs till they discovered Snapchat.


Snapchat has more than 100 million users regular which reveals the prevalence of the app. Envision, regular, over 100 Million individuals open Snapchat and send mad snaps for their pals.

Snapchat Facts

Snapchat Website :
Snapchat Headquaters: Pacific Palisades, CA
Snapchat Supported OS : Android, iOS, Windows
Snapchat founders: Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown


Snapchat Stats

  • Daily Active users on Snapcaht : 179 million

  • Monthly users on Snapcaht : 305 million

  • Average daily snaps send per day : 3 billion

  • Longest Snapchat streak ever : 630 consistance days

  • Daily active users in North America: 75 million DAU - 43%

  • Daily active users in Europe: 57 million DAU - 33%

  • Percentage of daily snapchat that contributes content: 60%

  • Percentage of U.S. millennials that uses snapchat: 29%

  • Percentage of driver that check snapchat while sitting in the vehicle: 12%

  • Percentage of users which uses snapchat because snap disappears: 35%

  • Percentage of users which admits they use snapchat because thier parents don't : 30%

  • Average amount of time spent in-app by user : 31 mintues

  • Average number of times per day Snapchat daily users  visit the app: 20 times

  • Snapchat stories shared daily publicly : 1 million

  • Percentage of US teenagers uses snapchat daily : 55%

  • Percentage of US teenagers thinks snapchat is their important social network : 45%

  • Average number of daily active snaphcat users that post thier stories daily:  25%

  • Number of pairs of Spectacles that sold by now : 150,000

  • How many employees work for snapchat : 1,860

Last Updated on : 11/30/2017

Please that some of the stats and fact comes straight from snapchat official reports, but some are based on news report and are not official.

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